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Recent Projects

Indy is a completely automated backup service. It uses a host of various technologies to facilitate a quick and secure backup of data over the internet. The backup is performed automatically every night, with no user input required. It is able to intelligently compare files, and only transfer the parts of the files that have changed. This saves greatly on the amount of data needed to be transferred, allowing the backup to be performed quickly and cheaply. Upon completion, each user is then emailed a summary of what was backed up. All this is done for around $30 a month. is a product designed for small and medium-sized private schools that need a simple gradebook solution at a low cost per student. Its primary advantages are that it is entirely on the web, and the school does not needs hundreds of licenses or thier own server to maintain. Parents also have the ability to log in and view thier students' progress in each subject, including grades and assignments due.

to the top s a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to the promotion of the ethical use of technology in everyday life. They recognize websites that exemplify security, web-standards compliance, and the best practices of web-development. is an online mortgage qualification website. It allows mortgage brokers anywhere in the country to be able to get approval for non-conforming loans. Some of the most notable features includes the ability to pull credit score and insurance data from online services automatically, without the user having to key it all in. It also compares the client's data with qualifications for 4 different products, each with there own multitudes of variations.

Moving Comfort

Moving Comfort is a women's athleticwear company, one of the longest running in the country. Their original site had become outdated in comparison to the look of their corporate identity, and required a refresh.

While the MC website is currently being handled in-house by their company, the basic layout is still directly based on the website we gave to them. You can view the website at

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Horizon Christian Fellowship

Horizon Christian Fellowship had a suite of websites that were all in dire need of redesigning. The goal of the project was to create a set of four sites with a similar design scheme (corporate identity), that could then be altered and changed to suit the colors of the specific projects. The websites themselves needed to be professional, yet have modern touches that made them stand out.
Horizon Christian Fellowship
Horizon Christian School
Camp Indy
Calvary Chapel Bible College Indianapolis is a fun, flashy website designed for a local DJ. With the idea of "fun and flash" in mind, we created a website that suits the stylings of the DJ, mixing in artwork that evoked the feeling of mixing consoles, amps, and recording programs.

Best Equipment Co.

(In Development) Best's original website, while functional, was outdated by todays standards. The desire for the new website was to create a refresh of the site, reorganizing the layout to be more functional, and in the process, adding some new sections to help spruce up the entire site.

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(In Development) A newly aquired project, VECHOA is a homeowner association for a condominium complex. Their needs for their website were quite specific, desiring a user database with multiple permission levels and the ability to update info on the fly without the need for an FTP.