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Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics involves the collection, preservation, analysis and presentation of computer related evidence. Computer evidence is increasingly useful in criminal cases, civil disputes, and human resources and employment proceedings. Huge quantities of information and data are retained in computer memory. Most people don't realize that it is very difficult to completely remove information that has been entered into computer memory. Computer forensic investigators can often find and recover lost or deleted information -- even when that information has been intentionally deleted or erased.

For more information, visit the Input-Output Unlimited: Computer Forensics website.

Evidence Recovery

Electronic evidence is increasingly being utilized as a deciding factor in the prosecution of criminal and civil lawsuits. The introduction of professionally recovered e-mail messages, electronic files and other stored computer information can profoundly influence the outcome of legal cases involving trade secrets, commercial disputes, employment discrimination, personal injury, misdemeanor and felony crimes. When an attempt has been made to delete, change, taint, format, fdisk or otherwise deny access to important files, the data recovery professional can often retrieve and filter the critical data in order to provide critical evidence in a legal case.

The expert team at Input Output Unlimited is trained and experienced in the interpretation of recovered data, including deleted files, reformatted disks, computer tapes, downloaded files, e-mails, computer generated faxes, and internet activity which often leads to that proverbial "smoking gun" evidence so vital to the case. The key element in computer forensics lies in the scrutiny and interpretation of recovered data by trained professionals leading to the documentation of the actions of the subject being investigated.

Janet Reno (U.S. Attorney General, Oct. 28, 1996) noted the importance of computer forensics when she remarked, "high-tech crime is one of the most important priorities of the Department of Justice... we see criminals use computers in one of three ways: First, computers are sometimes targeted for theft or destruction of their stored data... Second computers are used as tools to facilitate traditional offenses... Third, computers are used to store evidence." Input Output Unlimited experts utilize the same procedures, equipment and software employed by law enforcement agencies and the federal government.

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Data Restoration

Input Output Unlimited, Inc. provides professional data recovery and restoration services utilizing the most advanced hardware and software technology. The team at Input Output Unlimited is expert in the recovery and restoration of lost data due to mechanical or electronic failure, accidental of intentional erasure, fdisk utility, formatting, file corruption, virus/worm attack, or system malfunctions.

We are dedicated to providing the expert and convenient service to you, our client. Therefore data recovery and restoration services can often be accomplished on site at your home or business. Or, if security and privacy are a concern, we can provide the service at our secure and conveniently located facility.

In order to assure absolute confidentiality and security of client hard drives during the recovery process, client hard drives are secured utilizing the same procedures applicable to evidence recovery. When not in use, client hard drives are secured in a container (safe) exceeding U.S. government standards.

Crime Scene Animation

Modern Forensic Animation has developed over the past decade in order to provide a visual study of the events at a crime scene. Typically, a computer professional studies all the data available from, for example, a car crash or a suspicious death and then utilizes the computer to perform calculations of the objects in motion to recreate a visual picture of the event. Input Output Unlimited's specialized team includes a member experienced in law enforcement, as well as computer expertise.

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3D Accident Reconstruction

The Input Output Unlimited team can provide valuable information for use in accident reconstruction and crime scene investigation applications. Photographs and videos from the accident or crime scene are used to obtain accurate measurements and produce 3D models. The 3D models can be used with animation software to create effective simulations for analysis and courtroom demonstration purposes. Animations can be very powerful and persuasive tools in communication information during a trial.

  • Expert testimony can be better understood if also presented visually.
  • Sequences of events that lead to the accident or crime can be simulated.
  • Slow motion animations of events will allow for a better understanding and a more accurate analysis.

Cyber Investigations

Computers and the Internet have given society the tools to communicate and interact more effectively and efficiently. However, criminals can exploit these tools for personal profit, terrorism or other malicious intent, making the investigations of these crimes critical.

Computer Crime can be separated into two categories. They include the following:

  1. Crimes which have been facilitated by a computer: Computer facilitated crime occurs when a computer is used as a tool to aid criminal activity. These crimes can include storing records of fraud, producing false identification, reproducing and distributing copyright material, collecting and distributing child pornography, and many other crimes.
  2. Crimes where a particular computer or computer system is the target of an attack: Crimes involving computers as the targets are unlike traditional crime. The questions of "who, what, where, when and how" become more difficult to discern. Electronic or digital environment evidence must be carefully collected and stored by the trained computer specialist. Modern crimes have the characteristics of being both sophisticated and far-reaching in scope. (The United States Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation has the duty of enforcing federal statutes, which may fall in the scope of a computer/cyber-crime investigation.)
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Expert Witness and Consulting

Robert Olson, President of Input Output Unlimited, Inc., is a recognized computer professional specializing in the field of computer forensics, having provided expert courtroom testimony in high profile cases.

Input Output Unlimited can provide an experienced consulting computer expert, with an in-depth understanding of collected evidence, hardware, software, the Internet, procedures, and methods. This is an expert adept in the presentation of collected evidence in an understandable, reliable manner that will withstand examination.

For more information, visit the Input-Output Unlimited: Computer Forensics website.

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